Top Tips For Organising Your Laundry

The laundry is usually one of the smallest rooms in a house and too often overlooked when it comes to organising, and yes – styling. But it is a necessary evil (unless you’re one of those rare people who enjoys doing laundry), so why shouldn’t the space look and function well when it’s being used so often?

The answer is it can, with just a few easy tips.

First and foremost…

If it’s been some time since you organised your laundry, then chances are a light spring clean is in order. Pull everything out of the cupboards and give it a good wipe, working from the highest surface downwards.

Store your cleaning products with style

The Ezy Storage Cleaning Caddy is perfect for storing and organising cleaning and pet products. Made from BPA-free, UV protected materials, the Cleaning Caddy comes in a lightweight, crisp white body with an easy-grip handle for carrying.

The Ezy Storage Deep Touch Brickor Basket is also a great option for storing laundry and ironing products. For items that need to be separated, multiple baskets can be used – for e.g. separating your bleach from your pet shampoo, or your washing powders from your stain removals.

Consider installing shelving

The key to creating and maximising space is to go upwards. If you don’t have much cupboard or floor space for freestanding shelving, why not utilise the wall and install shelving over your machine or sink? There are some really cost-effective, DIY solutions on the marketplace; combined with Ezy Storage’s Brickor Baskets which come in multiple sizes - the result is functioning, additional storage regardless of the room’s original size.

Compartmentalise your smaller items

Ezy’s Storage’s 8L Sort It Storage Container with Tray and Cups is a customisable, stackable system with 6 uniquely crafted deep cups and 1 insert tray included with each tub, making it an ideal solution for smaller loose items such as tools, sewing, first aid, and other intricate pieces you may wish to store in the laundry.

Store items neatly and with ease

When storing anything in the laundry, a room typically associated with moisture, the 18L/19 Qt Small Solutions Storage Tub is a safe, sturdy solution and easy on the eye. Fully stackable, it makes a practical alternative to installing costly new cupboards. The 18L/19 Qt Small Solutions Storage Tub is made from UV protected, BPA-free materials, designed to protect your items from damage, dust and moisture.

Click here to browse Ezy Storage’s range of laundry baskets and find out why we think laundries shouldn’t be void of style and colour coordination!