Storing Your Christmas Tree and Decorations Safely And Neatly

Christmas decorations symbolise an accumulation of precious memories with loved ones, often holding great sentimental value. Moreover, festive memorabilia can be quite delicate, and often includes cherished handmade items, which is why it is crucial that they are stored correctly and safely.

The business of gracing homes with good quality decorations is one that is taken seriously and storing them should be no different. Gone are the days when an old cardboard box on the top shelf serves as adequate storage, and with various solutions designed with Christmas items explicitly in mind now available, it shouldn’t have to.

Storing Your Christmas Tree

There is no reason why you shouldn’t get many years, if not decades, out of a good quality artificial Christmas tree. Storing them conveniently is effortless with Ezy’s 130L Qt Christmas Tree Tub. These tubs can easily accommodate trees up to 2.4 metres in length and are made out of clear BPA-free plastic. Ezy’s 130L Qt Christmas Tree Tub features corner wheels for easy manoeuvrability and snap lock handles which allow you to store them without additional wrapping while avoiding dust and damage accumulation.

Storing Your Decorations

The tip for storing decorations safely is ensuring you separate and de-tangle them beforehand. The Ezy Storage 52L Decoration Storage Tub features hooks for ornament organisation, a central handle perfect for wrapping tinsel or lights around, and two foldable bauble organisers to accommodate 24 baubles each. The Ezy Storage 52L Decoration Storage Tub is BPA-free and features snap lock handles for an easy and firm grip and for keeping the dust out.

Saving Left Over Wrapping Paper For Next Year

Who doesn’t end up with left over wrapping paper? Or better, who isn’t guilty of stocking up on the January wrapping paper bargains for the following year?

Keeping wrapping paper dry, intact and dust-free is possible thanks to the Ezy 36L Qt Wrapping Paper and Ribbon Tub which neatly stores rolls up to 600mm in length. It includes a lift-out ribbon compartment that holds 7x35mm spools that feed onto a removable rod as well as roller wheels for easy movement.

So regardless of if it’s family heirlooms, breakables, or recently purchased decorations that you’d like to keep looking new, with Ezy’s Christmas and holidays storage solutions, there is no reason why you can’t keep them in mint condition from year to year.