Organising An Insta-Worthy Pantry

There is no denying the immense satisfaction gained from having an organised – or ‘insta-worthy’ as we’ve dubbed it – pantry. Not only is it better on a practical level, but given how often we use our pantries, why shouldn’t it be aesthetically pleasing to look at?

Organisation aside, having a system for your pantry will also help you cut grocery costs in that if you can see and easily access all your pantry items, you are more likely to put them to use and integrate them into your cooking rather than let them reach their expiry date or become victim to moths and ants.

So how do you get that insta-worthy pantry that guests will be in awe of? We’ve put together some basic tips as a guide to organising and maintaining a well-functioning system.

Before you do anything remove all contents out of the pantry and give all surfaces a wipe-down using anti-bacterial spray.

Discard any items that are no longer fresh, invaded by moths, or that have expired, and empty remaining boxes of dry foods into high-quality BPA-free plastic containers or canisters. Clear containers or canisters are ideal to ensure ingredients are visible, and labels work well for people who are extra enthusiastic about organising.

Ezy Storage’s Brickor Baskets are ideal for categorising food containers. Place your most used food items at arm’s-length, and those used sparingly on the higher or harder to reach shelves. That said, ensure containers are always in view where possible so you don’t forget about them and top up on items unnecessarily. Available in multiple sizes, the Brickor Baskets feature an aerated design for better airflow and visibility and a modular system for arranging.

The Brickor stackable options allow you to utilise your pantry space better, instantly doubling the amount of storage available, and for taller items the Deep Touch Brickor Basket is a great option.

Step back, enjoy the view, and upload your insta-worthy pantry pic for all to envy!