Ideas For Small Kitchen Woes

When you have the issue of a small kitchen, coming up with ideas to cultivate better storage and space can seem impossible, but rest assured, this is not an uncommon problem.

The key is to work with what you’ve got and adopt a few simple tips and solutions and even the smallest of kitchens can become significantly more functional.

Organise the kid’s lunches

Ezy Storage’s Brickor Trays are light and mobile enough to be used to organise the kid’s lunches. If you’re one to pre-make sandwiches on the weekend, store them in one brickor tray, and snacks and drinks in another. The kids can easily pack their bags themselves, making getting out the door of a morning that little bit easier.

Choose a neutral palette

If you have the option to choose your kitchen wall and décor colouring, neutral, lighter palettes generally give the illusion of more space. Ezy Storage have a range of solutions which have been designed for blending into neutral, natural colour palettes in mind. The Ezy Storage Solutions range is easy to incorporate due to its transparent finish. Similarly, the Ezy Storage Brickor range comes in a fresh, palatable white, ideal for blending into a neutral scheme.

Pots and pans can hang and double up as décor

There is nothing that says ‘home’ quite like hanging pots and pans. And while the very thought of this has quaint connotations, it can work well in any scheme, modern or not. Not only does this free up much needed cupboard space but it looks great and is easy to achieve simply by installing hooks.

Not enough eating space?

Have you considered a kitchen island? There are some small, lightweight and cost-effective options on the market and they can be positioned in the centre of even the smallest of spaces. They can also be butted up against and are a great way to foster more bench and eating space.

Store cleaning products neatly and safely

Ezy Storage’s 18L/19 Qt Small Solutions Storage Tub is a safe, sturdy solution for storing cleaning products under the kitchen sink. The 18L/19 Qt Small Solutions Storage Tub is made from UV protected, BPA-free materials, designed to protect your items from damage, dust and moisture.

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