How To Prepare Your Guest Bedroom For Visitors

Remember a few months ago when Aunt Rhonda called, asking if you had a spare room when she comes to visit? Well, the time has come and up until now you’ve done nothing to prepare yourself for your new houseguest. But never fear, you can houseguest-proof your guest bedroom with these clever storage solutions and ensure she has a wonderful stay.

It's a guest bedroom, not your bedroom

Ok, so when you originally conceptualised the guest bedroom you thought the additional furniture would be ideal for the luggage of your guests, but over time you’ve ‘borrowed’ that space and now it’s full. Make sure you de-clutter the wardrobe and tallboys. Remove items and store them away in BPA-free tubs, such as the Ezy Storage Ultimate Range. Ultimate tubs have a contemporary, flushed lid which also limits the amount of room needed to store the tubs.

Give it a good clean

How long has it been since you dusted the light shade in the guest bedroom? Use one of our cleaning caddies and give not only the guest bedroom but the whole house a good clean. We recommend working from top to bottom, then from left to right. This way you can be sure you haven’t missed a thing!


Leave extra items at the foot of the bed

You don’t know whether your houseguest feels cold or hot at night or whether they prefer pillows firm or soft. Leave some extra items such as pillows, blankets and throws at the foot of the bed which they can help themselves to at night. Utilising our 38L Solutions Tub for this is ideal as it has a low profile and is perfect for under-bed storage.

It's the small touches that make the biggest impact

Organise a spare house key for your houseguest or give them access to the spare car key to allow them a means of transport. If they are travelling from a cold destination to a hot one, they may have forgotten their sunglasses. Surprise them with a pair and have it ready for their stay. You can keep all these items together in our 2.5L Sort It Tub With Cups and place it on the bedside table. Your guest is bound to be impressed.

Toiletries are often forgotten about when packing for trips

Remember the last time you went away and you thought you packed your toothbrush but sadly it was still in your bathroom, alongside your toothpaste, hairbrush and hair ties? If you can forget them, your houseguest can too. Pick up some of these toiletry essentials as well as a roll-on deodorant, soap and face wipes. You can usually pick up travel-sized items from supermarkets. Then, store them in our 5L Sort It Tub With Removable Cups. The dual-hinging lid ensures that your guest can easily access the goods when it’s time to shower and keep everything neatly together when they are done.

Keep a laundry hamper in the guest room

Your new houseguest might be hesitant to mix their dirty laundry with yours, so keep a hamper for them in the guest bedroom. You can offer to take it to the laundry for them when you’re doing your own laundry; this way you are giving your houseguest the option to either do it themselves or have you take care of it for them.

If your guest feels more comfortable handling their own draws, ensure you have a tub ready with laundry powder, fabric softener and pegs. Clip a Solutions Hanging Cup onto an 18L Solutions Tub and conveniently store all your items there. The dual-hinging lid also has a carry handle so your guest can conveniently carry everything in one go. The Encore 63L Hamper With Lid comes in a range of colours that complements most bedroom palettes.

Being prepared is the ultimate safeguard to having houseguests stay for extended periods of time. With these tips you’ll not only feel on top of your housekeeping game, you’ll also give your houseguest a holiday they will treasure forever.

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