How to Organise Your Office Like A Pro

Let’s face it, the majority of us spend more time cooped up at the office rather than enjoying time at home. We sometimes lose track of how important it is to keep the office organised and clean. If your office or home office has become a temporary storage room and you desperately want it to be well styled and fully functional, look no further. We will give you a run-down on how to achieve just that!


Clean and rid clutter

There is nothing worse than an unorganised working space. It causes unnecessary stress and a lack of productivity, all the while trying to deal with a full work-load! An organised office speaks volumes, it’s appealing to co-workers and it demonstrates to possible clients that you pride yourself in your work. Never put the backfoot on appearance. Whether you have the desk of nightmares, covered in empty coffee cups and food containers or if your office just has a few extra bits and pieces around the place, it’s always a good time to get stuck into giving the space a good dose of TLC.


Clean in sections

Organising your office may seem like a daunting task, but it really doesn’t have to be. It’s time for you to get that motivation back and create the office of your dreams. Here is our list of office organising must-dos:

  • Give every surface a good dusting. This is a sure way to reduce sneezing and the runny nose
  • Place any lose documents into designated sections of the file cabinet so they can be easily found again
  • Remove any unnecessary items from your desk, the disposable take away coffee cups should have been tossed last Tuesday
  • Organise all stationary into holders or designated draws
  • Place any important documents or files that aren’t frequently used into a separate file cabinet to minimise clutter
  • Recycle any unwanted documents or files (shred these if confidential!)
  • Keep shelving specifically for important items


Find a storage Solution

There is a range of products available to make your office sprucing just a little bit easier. The Ezy Solutions range will add style and convenience to your clutter. A couple of highlights include:

  • Ezy Storage File Tray – an insert that transforms the 52L container into a portable filing cabinet -  These rails fit standard files so you’ll have extra space to use with your current filing system
  • Ezy Storage Solutions Insert Trays. These will keep any smaller items or stationary easily organised
  • Choose from 11 different sizes



Time to re-decorate?

A visually attractive workspace will keep you inspired, retain co-workers and impress clients with the pride you take in your space. Add some of your personal touches to the space, it can be as simple as grabbing a new indoor plant at Bunnings, framing a personal photo to put on your desk or adding some sporting awards to show off your interests.


No-one ever regrets spending a few hours cleaning and revamping the office, bite the bullet and get organising! Your new office will have you feeling like you’ve just come back from a holiday to a brand new space.