Got A Question?

Are Ezy Storage products BPA free and food safe?

Many of our products are BPA free and food safe, each product is independently tested to meet these requirements. You can find BPA free and food safe information displayed on product packaging, imprinted on our products and on our product page listed on the website. Look for this logo

For more information on Australian BPA and food standards please visit http://www.foodstandards.gov.au/consumer/chemicals/bpa/pages/default.aspx

How can I find the size or capacity of an Ezy Storage container?

Our most popular products are available to view on our website, here you will find all the information you need to know such as size or capacity – we even note suitable products storage solutions were designed with in mind if applicable. Simply click on the products tab on the top menu and navigate your way through to the product you would like more information about, if you are unsure of the product you are enquiring about try searching for the item in the top search bar. Many of our products have information moulded on their base.

I have lost my installation instructions, where can I find additional product information?

We have a page dedicated to additional product information that can be downloaded to assist consumers with products after their purchase. Please click this link here and search for the product you require information about, alternatively if this does not answer your question please fill out the contact form and we will assist you will any information you may like to know.

I have a problem with one of my products, what should I do?

For recent purchases, please return the product to the retailer at which you purchased the item for a replacement or refund in accordance with the store’s return policy. If this does not resolve you matter, please fill out our contact form with as much information as possible, for example: product name, size, store of purchase, product concern and reply contact information.

What makes Ezy Storage products distinctive compared to other comparable products?

Ezy Storage is a wholly owned Australian company. All of our plastic products are designed and engineered in Australia and manufactured in our factory located in China using cutting edge machinery. As our lifestyles continuously change, we constantly look for new and improved ways to enhance living with dependable affordability and quality in all our products.

Can I buy direct from Ezy Storage?

Ezy Storage does not sell direct to consumers. Our products are ranged in major retailers. Please see our ‘Where to buy’ link for further information.

I am located outside of Australia, where can I purchase Ezy Storage products?

Ezy storage products can be found internationally, please see our Where to buy page for a stockist near you. Alternatively, if you cannot find a stockist in your region contact us via our contact page or email info@ezystorage.com with your location and products you are looking to purchase.

I have purchased an Ezy Storage product in the past and would like to repurchase, where can I find more information on past/discontinued products?

It will be in the best interest to contact the retailer of where you purchased the item to see if they still have stock available to purchase. However, you can try searching the product on our website within its corresponding product category and view stockists of this product. If it is not listed on our website, please fill out a contact form and we will get in contact with available options to suit your needs. You can always sign up to our database to be kept in the know of new and returning product ranges, click here to join.

I am interested in becoming a stockist of Ezy Storage what is the best contact?

Please contact International sales and customer service department via email at info@ezystorage.com

Is Ezy Storage an Australian brand?

Ezy Storage is the flagship brand of FBA International, which began in Melbourne Australia. Since 1990, FBA International has grown into a large company with sizable manufacturing and warehouse facilities in Australia and China. Our team of motivated designers, engineers and buyers who are dedicated in delivering innovative and high quality products both locally and international and still based in Melbourne, Australia.

What if I want to know more about any of the above?

If you would like any further information about any of the above FAQ’s or any other information please contact our head office via email at info@ezystorage.com or

call +61 3 9317 9111