Ezy Storage’s Wardrobe Hacks

Whether you’re fortunate enough to have large built-ins, or you’re making do with something smaller, having a few nifty wardrobe hacks up your sleeve can do a lot for maximising storage space.

As touched on in many of our previous blogs, we are big believers in being able to easily see and access what you own. After all, how many times have you come across an item of clothing you had forgotten you owned? We also believe that before reorganising any kind of storage space that you consider culling and make sure you’re only holding on to items you truly love or need.

Once you’ve re-evaluated, consider the following Ezy Storage solutions as simple, cost-effective wardrobe hacks to maximise space:

Double up on wardrobe railings

If you’ve got the height, consider installing additional railings and using the space downwards. Particularly for areas of your wardrobe reserved for smaller items such as shirts and tops, doubling up on railings can work really well.

Jewellery and delicates

Ezy Storage’s 4.8L Sort It Storage Container with Cups feature 13 uniquely crafted and shallow cups, which are ideal for smaller, more intricate items. It is fully stackable and customisable, allowing you to create your own system according to your delicates storage needs.


The Brickor Baskets from Ezy Storage offer a great range of trays and baskets in a variety of sizes. If you’re a multiple watch owner, these make a simple.

Socks, underwear

If you’re short on drawer space, Ezy Storage’s 5.6L Sort It Storage Container with Tray and Cups are the perfect solution for socks, underwear and other smaller garments. Much the same as the 4.8L Sort It option, this container is also fully stackable and customisable.


Ezy Storage’s 5L Sort It Storage Container with Cups offers a deeper option, ideal for storing ties and keeping them crinkle-free.

Scarves, wraps, ponchos

There is no need for scarves, wraps and ponchos to become crinkled and lost in your wardrobe. Ezy Storage’s 1.8L/1.9 Qt Medium Coloured Square Container 2pk, offering a fun, vibrant way to stack and store your favourite fashion accessories. The neon containers, while colourful, are transparent which makes locating specific garments easy and convenient.

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