Design & Innovation

Design & Innovation

Design & Innovation

At Ezy Storage, we are committed to designing and developing high quality products that are both innovative and affordable. Our Melbourne based design team guide each product through the rigorous design process that takes an idea from its inception, right through to manufacture.


This process begins by identifying the needs and concerns of the end user (you !) and how best to go about satisfying them. From here the sketch development stage begins; exploring various designs and functions along with colours and materials. Our motivated designers ensure our products remain at the forefront of design trends with contemporary styling and seasonal colours and finishes.

STEP 2: Engineering

Our engineers then utilise computer software to visualise the product virtually, in 3D. It is at this stage the product first gets tested for strength and durability with the help of simulated stress applications, thus ensuring both the quality and performance. We then prototype and physically test our products to iron out any remaining issues and make sure that it performs as expected.

STEP 3: Manufacturing

When all the engineering and product testing meet our reputable standards, we then commence creating large scale manufacturing moulds with high tech machinery. The new product is put on the production line, in which raw materials are injected into the moulds compressing and transforming into the finished goods.

STEP 4: Innovation

Once the product has reached completion and is in stores and in your environment, we constantly are re-evaluating results and review feedback on ways we can improve and enhance to make the product even better. We also take this information and utilise it to create new and exciting ranges starting the whole process again!