Cubby House Decorating With Ezy Storage

At a time where it is ever more difficult to get the kids to unplug, decorating the cubby house and encouraging them to claim their own imaginative space, is the perfect contrast to digital entertainment.

Moreover, make-believe play has been found to be a critical part of a child’s optimal development. And what better way to foster that than the nostalgic walls of a much-loved cubby house!

The best part? Decking out a fun, safe and practical cubby space doesn’t have to be a difficult task – in fact, it’s more ‘ezy’ (ahem) than you think! With that in mind, we’ve compiled our top four products that make for fantastic cubby décor and storage.

The Kids Dumpster

Every cubby needs an Ezy Storage Kids Dumpster, if not for their colourful vibrancy, then for their incredible functionality. Perfect for tossing toys into after a busy day playing, the Dumpster is robust and designed to withstand the rough-and-tumble of playtime. Made from BPA-free, food safe materials, the Dumpster features easy to manoeuvre castor wheels and large grab handles, making it seamlessly mobile.

The Classic Storage Tubs

The Classic Storage Tubs are fantastic in that they come in a range of sizes and vibrant colours, and are translucent enough to be able to quickly identify their contents. They are ideal for storage, play, and are fully stackable. Available in a variety of multipacks, The Classic Storage Tubs are ideal for keeping items such as the kid’s books, away from moisture and dust, while featuring roller wheels and double lock handles for convenience and security.

The Flexi Tub

Available in 16L, 42L, 26L and 60L variations, Ezy Storage’s Flexi Tubs are perfect for storing or carrying the kid’s toys to and from the cubby. 100% BPA-free and easy to wipe down, the tubs are incredibly versatile, robust, and multi-functional. Whether it’s for dress-ups, toys, books, or play crockery for the cubby kitchen, the Flexi Tub fits it all. Available in multiple colours, shapes and sizes, the Flexi Tub stacks conveniently when not in use.

The Hobby Box

Ezy Storage’s Hobby Box is perfect for the little ones in that it is shallow enough to easily retrieve toys out of, lidless, and available in an assortment of fun colours. Fully stackable, The Hobby Box is durable enough to weather playtime and made from BPA-free, food-safe and UV-resistant materials.

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