Create The Laundry System Of Your Dreams With The Ezy Encore Range

I don’t know many people who look forward to laundry. It never seems as fun as say, cooking a delicious meal, or arts and crafts time with the kids. However, investing in a quality laundry system, such as the Ezy Encore range, can sometimes be the difference between laundry time fun and misery.

Firstly, ensure your laundry space is clean and de-cluttered

Use a variety of Ezy Storage Solutions insert trays and hanging cups to create a systematic, category-based laundry system that remains tidy. A clean laundry may be all the incentive you need to get stuck into some major washing and drying.

Ensure your baskets are hip huggers

Hip hugger baskets are curved to one side, aligning themselves with the nature contour of your body. They help you balance the basket on your hip while you do the standard ‘hundred things at once’ multitask. The new 51L Encore Hip Hugger basket also features large, comfortable handles for improved grip.

Hampers are essential

This is keeping all those pieces that need a good wash away from your clean clothes. They also eliminate bad odours from bedrooms and bathrooms. Ensure you choose a hamper with a lid, like the new Encore 63L Hamper With Lid. The lid traps odours and might also encourage you to do a load when the lid no longer closes!

For those laundries short on space, a lamper is the way to go

Lampers take the best elements of hampers and laundry baskets in one great, space saving item. The Encore 63L Lamper has a wide-set, aerated design that allows for extra capacity and helps reducing odours.

Transport your wet washing from laundry to line with ease with a laundry cart

The 66L Encore Laundry Cart features a retractable handle and wheels to greatly improve manoeuvrability. Just place the wet washing directly into the cart and pull to location. No more heavy lifting! Plus, if the laundry cart attracts a little dirt, just a simple wipe with a damp cloth can help restore its original shine.

Storing and transporting pegs is often troublesome for many people

The Encore 12L Multipurpose Tub, available in clear or grey, features a hinging, snap-lock lid and a comfortable, contoured handle. Use one for pegs and another for handwashing. The volume indicator on the inside of the tub helps you accurately measure dilution parts.

Next time you walk passed your laundry, don’t fight the resistance! Just pick up some new pieces from the Encore range, create the system of your dreams, and you’ll have laundry efficiency down to a fine art.

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