Create A De-cluttered Insta-Worthy House In Minutes With Just A Few Simple Tips

Do you ever see posts on Instagram of perfectly de-cluttered homes and think, “how do they do that?” It’s easier than you think. You can create an insta-worthy house in minutes with just a few simple tips.

Create an organisation station

Ever have guests arrive who ask for your wifi password but you have no idea what it is? Have you ever called the power company and realised you need your account details after the automatic operator has prompted you? You can overcome these problems by creating an organisation station in your kitchen. Keep a whiteboard clipped to the inside of a pantry door with all your important codes and account details. Using our Brickor Stackable Baskets, allocate one basket to bills and another to stationery; this way all your important details will be in one place but not immediately visible to guests.

Toilet paper, it's probably not at the forefront of your mind

Although, forget about it completely and you’re in a spot of bother. If you’re short on space, an easy way to prompt a restock is to place a printed roll of toilet paper in with your regular white rolls. When the printed roll appears on the hook, use that as a reminder to add it to the shopping list. Of course, you pay less when you buy in bulk so if space permits, neatly store your extra rolls under the sink in a Brickor Deep Touch Basket.

Your 3 year-old has created an artwork that they believe would rival Van Gogh...

And after the initial, ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ you’re finding it difficult to find the space to store their works. Use a weather-proof tub such as the Ezy Storage Weather-Proof 32L Storage Box. Its IP65 certification ensures it is dust and water-resistant making it the perfect solution to store the kid’s ‘works of art’ safely in the garage or roof.

Have enough jewellery to open a shop?

Use a 4.8L Sort It Tub to create a customised jewellery station. The cups are removable and you can change the layout of the tub any way you prefer.

Categorise and label

Whether it’s the tinned cans in the pantry or the hairspray bottles in the bathroom, those with ultimate insta-worthy homes always categorise items and store likeminded items together in carefully labelled baskets. No more pulling out random items to get to the tomato sauce at the back of the shelf. Our Brickor Deep Touch Baskets not only look the part, they also have flat outer surfaces perfect for attaching labels.

Don't draw out the search for brushes and combs in your bathroom drawers

Use plastic trays to separate and de-clutter. You can store first-aid items in one, mouthwash and floss in another - the options are endless. Brickor Long Trays are great for brushes and combs, while the Small Brickor Trays are ideal for hair ties or clips.

As you can see it only take a few handy hints to de-clutter and create the insta-worthy house of your dreams. So, what are you waiting for? Get to it and start hashtagging your house pics #instaworthy, today!

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