Cleaning Essentials for Your Home

House work isn’t everyone’s favorite activity around the home, but having a clean home is important to make sure germs are kept away from your loved ones and physical health isn’t put at risk. This includes regularly cleaning benches, surfaces, windows and window coverings and bathrooms and kitchens to keep them germ and grime free.


Being prepared with the right cleaning tools and products will have your home looking (and staying) squeaky clean in no time. We have a few essential items we suggest you include on your next shopping list to make house cleaning a breeze!


A cleaning caddy

Our number one suggestion is a cleaning caddy. For so many reasons this is a must-have for any home, it keeps all of your important cleaning products in one place while being light and portable as you move around the house. The Ezy Storage Cleaning Caddy has an open design to allow quick access to products, and all your products can be stored in the caddy under the sink to keep your cupboards clutter free.


Multi-Purpose Cleaner

A multi-purpose cleaner not only works on a variety of surfaces it also has multiple cleaning benefits such as being anti-bacterial, disinfecting surfaces and leaving a shining finish. A good multi-purpose cleaner should work on most surfaces such as kitchen benches, sinks, fridges and can also be used on glass or stainless steel to help you avoid purchasing too many products.



There is nothing better for light cleaning than a regular old sponge! It’s alternative, paper towel is not only expensive, it’s also not environmentally friendly. You’ll get countless uses out of a sponge to keep your surfaces clear from dirt, grime, and dust.


TIP: To avoid a dirty/grimy sponge – clean after use in hot soapy water and let them dry completely before putting them away for next time. These are ideal to use for a month before replacing with a new sponge.


Window Cleaner

A window cleaning product is a must to get a streak free finish on your glass surfaces. Having perfectly clean windows will also allow you to make the most of your view, whether it be a backyard, patio or a city skyline. A window cleaning product will also work on other surfaces such as a stainless-steel splash back or fridge, mirrors and shower doors – worth the investment to keep your surfaces high shine and streak free.


Rubber Gloves

If you find yourself pickup up the cleaning caddy a few times per week, chances are you’re putting too many chemicals near your skin. Rubber gloves are a great solution to protect the skin on your hands while cleaning with harsh chemicals, a good quality pair should last several months and shouldn’t make your hands sweat!



A duster will help you save the time of wiping hard to reach places with a cloth. Not only are they light weight, the feathers on a duster will help you clean window blinds or get the dust off delicate ornaments easily.


TIP: Carefully vacuum your duster after use to make sure it stays as clean as possible for next time.


Cleaning regularly will ensure no excess mess or build up will occur, allowing you to get through a weekly clean quickly and hassle free. Make sure you start using some of the products mentioned above to keep your home clean, if they’re not already in your cleaning supplies!