Champagne And Luxury Extravagance For Your Home On A Beer Budget

We spend so much time at home, so why not try to create some home luxury for next to nothing? Don’t let a budget deter you. We live in an age where it’s not just the Jones’ we try to keep up with! Social media gives us a sneak peek into the most envious homes, and achieving that level of opulence may not be as expensive as you think.

Nothing screams ‘home’ luxury more than colour

When used correctly, colour has the ability to transform. Luxury homes may have colour plastered everywhere, but for the more modest home, you can add a splash of colour by adding one of our Flexi Tubs in every bedroom. Available in a mix of bright and subtle colours, you can go as bold or understated as you’d like.

Opulent homes often feature a lot of natural stone

Think beautiful quartz counter tops or bathrooms with floor to ceiling marble. Surprisingly, it might not cost as much as you think to incorporate some natural stone into your own home. You can pick up some marble mosaic tiles and get stuck into a little DIY to create a beautiful laundry splashback, and you can keep all the items you need stored safely in a Bunker Tub. Bunker tubs are perfect for the home DIY-er as their robust design can withstand the toughest environments.

Storage is king in home luxury

Nobody equates luxury with clutter and the only way you can overcome that is with good storage. Ezy Storage has your storage needs sorted with ranges of various looks, needs and prices. Our Solutions range features a wide variety of sizes, with the range able to be customised with insert trays and hanging cups. Ultimate is an elegant and practical storage solution featuring low profile, reinforced flushed lids. Bunker is a tough and strong tub range, designed for work or DIY. Dumpsters are the ultimate in kid’s storage, available in 80L and 160L options. And that’s not all of it - the list goes on. Dream up your ultimate storage system and then let Ezy Storage help you bring it to life.

A clean closet literally costs you nothing

It might even make you some money when you sell all the items you no longer need or want. Luxury homes always have immaculate wardrobes as a feature of their bedrooms. It’s easy to do - all you need is time and patience. Take everything currently thrown into your closet out, give everything a good wipe down, then categorise your clothes, re-fold and t”a-daa”, your closest can now compete with those in luxury homes.

Take your closet game one step further, and introduce buckets and tubs to your closet. Store your shoes in our Classic 10L Tubs, your ties and bow ties in our 8L Sort It Tub or introduce Brickor Baskets to keep clothing items together, i.e., t-shirts in one, shorts in another.

Watch any TV program about luxury homes and you will notice that they all showcase quality textiles

Beautiful cushions and throws adorn immaculately-made beds and well-made sofas. Thankfully, this is one of the easier trends to replicate in your own home. Most high-street retailers now stock a huge range of quality cushions and blankets at very reasonable prices. Don’t worry if you go overboard either as you can always safely store your extra pieces in an Ultimate 72L storage tub. It’s perfect for narrow or under-bed spaces and looks the part, too!

As you can see it doesn’t take a lot to create a luxury home for less. So don’t feel intimidated by those images you see on social media of homes you thought you could never dream of owning, just note what inspires you and incorporate a little taste of it into your own home.

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