4 Ezy Steps for Bedroom De-cluttering

Bedroom De-cluttering in 4 Ezy Steps

Bedroom de-cluttering is an absolute must-do, and it’s the one room in the house where this is non-negotiable. After all, our bedrooms serve as our sanctuary, our primary place of rest, and the one quiet and peaceful room we can retreat to at the end of a busy, long day.

Whether your pre-sleep ritual involves curling up with a loved one, devouring a book, meditating, or indulging in some Netflix, it’s imperative that this sacred space is organised, clutter-free, and able to accommodate a stress-free headspace.

With that in mind, we’ve put together our top tips for bedroom de-clutter in 4 ‘Ezy’ steps:

Cull, clean, donate

First things first… with any form of room re-organising, if you haven’t done it in a while then a good cull is in order. We suggest you don’t hold on to anything unless you truly need or love it – that includes clothes too!

Once you’ve culled, give all shelves and cupboards a good dust and wipe-down. From here, you are ready for de-cluttering.

Organise your wardrobe like a pro

There is a multitude of hacks that can help you get your wardrobe organised and in good shape. Doubling up on wardrobe railings is one way to maximise the space. Ezy Storage’s 4.8L Sort It Storage Container is a also a fantastic solution for storing smaller, intricate items such as jewellery.

We recommend Ezy Storage’s Brickor Baskets for storing other bits and pieces within your wardrobe shelving. Similarly, our 5L Sort It Storage Container With Cups are fantastic for arranging scarves, watches, ties, and other accessories.

De-clutter your drawers for maximised order

Available in multiple sizes, our Brickor Baskets feature an aerated design for better airflow and visibility as well as a modular system for arranging. Easy on the eye, Ezy Storage’s Brickor Baskets can be kept clean seamlessly with a simple wipe down with a cloth.

We also highly recommend the Ezy Storage Multi-Purpose Compartment Storage Boxes, which are excellent for categorising, protecting, and storing valuables, whilst protecting your drawers from everyday wear and tear.

Blankets and cushions

Storing bulky blankets and cushions in between seasons has never been easier. The Ezy Storage 60L/63 Qt Flexible Multi Purpose Tub is a budget-friendly, vibrant and durable option that holds a surprising amount of manchester. Ezy Storage’s Dumpsters are also great options, particularly for kid’s rooms. Ranging from 80-160L, the dumpsters can store a surprising amount!

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