Achieving the Perfect Pantry

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home and our love for food brings us to this space. While the grocery shopping and making dinner is a routine that occurs on an almost daily basis, maintaining the pantry can be something that can get disorganised quickly. With the right approach and products your pantry will not only look amazing but will have time sorted when it comes to knowing what to put on your shopping list and minimise the thought of “Do I have pasta sauce to make spaghetti bolognaise for dinner tonight?”. One of the basic rules is to group like for like products together, The most popular categories for grouping foods in the pantry are;

• Cans & jars
• Pasta & rice
• Condiments
• Breakfast
• Lunch box snacks
• Baking needs
• Confectionary
• Drinks
• Miscellaneous items such as lunch containers, foil and wrap

You can select the most relevant groups that suit your lifestyle or simply create your own system like ‘weekday dinners’. Following this method, you can go further by placing the products by most used and height/reach, for example – after school snacks accessible for kids to easily reach.

Our range of Brickor organiser baskets and trays are designed with the kitchen pantry in mind. The trays are great for sliding smaller items like tuna cans and sultana packets back and forth on the shelf, they are modular with compatible larger baskets. The comfort grip baskets make it easier to grab with a secure grasp and sizes range deep enough to store soft drink bottles. Lastly, the Brickor baskets contain a stacking range that have fold down clasps to store items vertically making use of the entire shelf. All Brickor baskets are BPA free and food safe so you know you are making the right choice for you and your family.

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