A Renter’s Guide To Storage Issues

Renting? Is storage an issue? You’re not alone.

If you’re renting, then chances are you are familiar with the age-old issue of a lack of adequate storage. Small, or too few cupboards, are usually the biggest woe. Coupled with a common reluctance to invest in costly wardrobes at the risk of having to move again, and the situation is a frustrating one.

But it’s not all bad news.

There are tips and hacks that can be adopted to maximise what you do have, and it doesn’t have to be an expensive exercise.

Before you do anything…

When was the last time you did a cull? Organising your home with practical storage solutions can be an incredibly rewarding exercise, particularly if the items you are dealing with are truly just what’s needed and cherished. Consider approaching it the Konmari way – if you don’t love it, or need it, then is it worth holding on to? If you haven’t worn it in some time, does it need to take up valuable space in the wardrobe?

Blankets and cushions

Holding on to good quality blankets and cushions is often necessary, particularly if you have guests stay a lot or if they are needed in the cooler months. The Ezy Storage 60L/63 Qt Flexible Multi Purpose Tub is a budget-friendly, vibrant and durable option that holds a surprising amount of manchester. Ezy Storage’s Dumpsters are also great options, particularly for kid’s rooms, and range from 80-160L which can store a lot.


Ezy Storage’s 16L/16.9 Qt Flexible Multi Purpose Tub is a great bedroom shoe solution. It can comfortably store two pairs, ideal for the early morning rush out the door. Available in a range of vibrant colours, the Flexi Tub is also easy to clean with a simple wipe of a cloth.

Small kitchen?

Consider keeping your cleaning products under the kitchen sink, and your larger items like pots, pans, baking trays etc. elsewhere. Ezy Storage’s 11L Rectangle Basin is a popular choice for storing cleaning items, making them conveniently mobile should you wish to free up your kitchen space and keep them elsewhere such as your laundry.

Family heirlooms and china

There is often a good case for holding on to excess kitchenware décor. Perhaps it’s sentimental, valuable, or you’re holding on to some of your more favoured pieces until you eventually move into your forever home. The 110L/116.2 Qt Ultimate Storage Tub and 72L/76 Qt Ultimate Storage Tub are both highly durable options and can be used to store items if needed given they have lids and ventilation ports. Remember to always store your tubs in a cool, dry place for maximum protection.

Seasonal clothes

There is an array of tips for storing seasonal clothing, so much so that we wrote an entire blog on it recently. The short version: Vacuum seal bags, high quality storage tubs, and storing in cool dry spaces, are key.

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